Gloria Malone is a writer, speaker, activist, and consultant.

Gloria works with several nonprofits and local governments to help advance the importance of reproductive justice, dignity and respect for non-traditional families, and establishing successful social media presence, and campaigns.

In 2011 she created teenmomnyc.com to share her story of teenage pregnancy and parenting with other pregnant and parenting teens. Teenmomnyc.com provides information and resources to help pregnant and parenting teens thrive and create the future they want for themselves and their families, despite what society says. Since creation Teenmomnyc.com has organized two summits for pregnant and parenting teens in Orlando, FL and New York, New York in collaboration with several local and national non-profits.

She is a co-founder of the #NoTeenShame movement which received the Spirit of Service award from Healthy Teen Network in 2014. A proud member of Echoing Ida she writes about the intersections of race, public policy, and lived experiences of Black women and girls. In 2015 Gloria was the Co-Chair of the Young Women’s Advisory Council (YWAC). YWAC was in essential part of the country’s first ever Young Women’s Initiative (YWI) which was launched in New York City by the Speaker, Melissa Mark- Viverito. Together YWAC and YWI develop over one hundred policy, cultural, and programmatic recommendations for the City of New York to better understand how it could meet the needs of young women and girls.

Gloria’s expertise as a consultant includes working with entities to establish, maintain, and create social media identities that lead to increased engagement and on and offline partnerships. Develop creative, culturally sensitive, accurate and impactful public service campaigns and develop, improve, and present genuine and non stereotypical programs and curriculums that include teenage families.

You can connect with Gloria on LinkedIn and contact her here.