GloriaGloria is an award winning communicator with years of experience working with nonprofits, the health sector, and local governments on communications, community relations, and partnerships to develop strong cross sector relationships.

In 2013 Gloria cofounded NoTeenShame.org to educate policy makers, healthcare professionals, and educational institutions on ways to remove barriers to access for pregnant and parenting young people. Working with 24 organizations around the nation her work earned her the Spirit of Service award from Healthy Teen Network in 2014.

In 2015 Gloria was the Co-Chair of the Young Women’s Advisory Council (YWAC). YWAC was in essential part of the country’s first ever Young Women’s Initiative (YWI) which was launched in New York City by the Speaker, Melissa Mark- Viverito. Together YWAC and YWI develop over eighty policy, cultural, and programmatic recommendations for the City of New York to better understand how it could meet the needs of young women and girls.

Gloria has spoken at Hofstra University, Cornell University, APIN – Canada, Congressional Briefings in Washington, D.C., and national TV programs like NPR and Melissa Harris Perry’s Nerdland.

As the recipient of Leadership Awards from the New York Women’s Foundation and Concordia in 2016 Gloria has a demonstrated ability to connect communities to one another while improving desired outcomes.

You can connect with Gloria on LinkedIn and contact her here.1


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